Ultimaville's Ultimate Challenge

 e107    05 Jul 2016 : 00:38
 None    Hex Eco League

Hello Fellow Eco Leaguers.

I had mentioned an ultimate challenge to all of you to win some nice jackpots.  I will make a randon extra challenge that you must achieve on top of beating me in order to make plenty of gold.

Rules are simple:  You make the deck.  You put up 1000 gold to add to the jackpot and you challenge me.  If you win you win the pot.  If you lose the pot grows for the next challenger.  The challenger that complete the challenge wins the whole pot.  I do not keep any of the money of the jack pot.  If anything I put in the initial 5000g to start the pot.  When the jackpot has been won I will make a different challenge and put in another 5000g.  So what challenges do I have in mind.  Anything.  Thats the best part.  I will post in the news the current challenge and then post the winner and the amount they won. 

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