Season 2 is running!

 e107    01 Jul 2016 : 02:30
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Hi there!

Finally, season 1 came to an end. Thanks all for playing the eco-ladder! More than 300 matches in less than 4 weeks is more than we could ask.

Now, season 2 is running for a month! You can start playing matches, season will end on the last day of July.

Regarding prizes and ranking points from season 1, they will be given on the coming days, as we have to check that everything is ok with the winners. But we will deliver :) A new article regarding this will be posted next week with all winners.

A quick note regarding season 2:

We modified a little the formula to make skill points. The idea is to try to reduce the ambivalence from the first matches, when you could win 3 matches in a row and got high ranked. For this reason, also, from season 2 a minimium of 10 matches against different opponents is needed to qualify for ranking points and prizes (not for giveaways).

If you've signed up for season 1, you are already signed up for season 2. If you're new to the site, please register and start playing! You can find opponents on the "ecoleague" chat on Hex and in here.

Finally, if you want to help, we're always looking for people to assist us and donations. All donations will be used for prizes and giveaways, and can be sent to the user EcoLeague (IGN in Hex).

Thanks all for playing! Hope you enjoy season 2.

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