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First Ultimate Challenge

 Ultimaville    05 Jul 2016 : 00:42
 None    Hex Eco League

The first challenge will start tomorrow 7/5/16.  The challenge for this jackpot will be.

"Defeat me in both matches having more health then you started with." 

The current Jackpot is at "5000 gold"

Good luck Eco Leaguers.

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Ultimaville's Ultimate Challenge

 Ultimaville    05 Jul 2016 : 00:38
 None    Hex Eco League

Hello Fellow Eco Leaguers.

I had mentioned an ultimate challenge to all of you to win some nice jackpots.  I will make a randon extra challenge that you must achieve on top of beating me in order to make plenty of gold.

Rules are simple:  You make the deck.  You put up 1000 gold to add to the jackpot and you challenge me.  If you win you win the pot.  If you lose the pot grows for the next challenger.  The challenger that complete the challenge wins the whole pot.  I do not keep any of the money of the jack pot.  If anything I put in the initial 5000g to start the pot.  When the jackpot has been won I will make a different challenge and put in another 5000g.  So what challenges do I have in mind.  Anything.  Thats the best part.  I will post in the news the current challenge and then post the winner and the amount they won. 

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Season 2 is running!

 Plotynus    01 Jul 2016 : 02:30
 None    Hex Eco League

Hi there!

Finally, season 1 came to an end. Thanks all for playing the eco-ladder! More than 300 matches in less than 4 weeks is more than we could ask.

Now, season 2 is running for a month! You can start playing matches, season will end on the last day of July.

Regarding prizes and ranking points from season 1, they will be given on the coming days, as we have to check that everything is ok with the winners. But we will deliver :) A new article regarding this will be posted next week with all winners.

A quick note regarding season 2:

We modified a little the formula to make skill points. The idea is to try to reduce the ambivalence from the first matches, when you could win 3 matches in a row and got high ranked. For this reason, also, from season 2 a minimium of 10 matches against different opponents is needed to qualify for ranking points and prizes (not for giveaways).

If you've signed up for season 1, you are already signed up for season 2. If you're new to the site, please register and start playing! You can find opponents on the "ecoleague" chat on Hex and in here.

Finally, if you want to help, we're always looking for people to assist us and donations. All donations will be used for prizes and giveaways, and can be sent to the user EcoLeague (IGN in Hex).

Thanks all for playing! Hope you enjoy season 2.

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Giveaway winners!

 Plotynus    17 Jun 2016 : 15:15
 None    Hex Eco League

Quick announcement: contest has been made!

The winners are:

- mejis

- etruia

Also, the winner on twitter is @IvancicGoran!

Congratulations to all of you, each one won a primal dawn booster!

On a side note: Thanks all for the big enthusiasm on the ladder. Almost 200 matches in one week is way more than we expected :) Keep playing!

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Season 1 is live!

 Plotynus    08 Jun 2016 : 23:00
 None    Hex Eco League

CoyotshinHex Eco League is up and running!

The first season of our eco-ladder is now receiving players and challenges! You can sign up for free here.

We hope that this project grows as the time passes and that the Hex community embraces it and help us to improve this site. A constant eco ladder was something very demanded by the users and we feel this will help both new and experienced players. We hope you enjoy it :)

But enough words for now! You're here to play, and we will reward it. So, with the launch of the site we're giving away some things for free! We will be giving 2 Primal Dawn Boosters between all the players that played and confirmed a ladder match since this launch until June 16. Play ONE game in our initial week and you'll be automatically qualify for a chance of winning a free boster.

Also, we will be giving away another booster, and to qualify for it you'll have to follow us on twitter (@hexecoleague) and RT this tweet. You'll be able to enter until friday (June 10). What are you waiting? 

So what are you waiting? Sign up and start playing on our ladder. At the end of the season we will be giving more boosters for winners and for the players who plays more matches!

Finally, the site may have a few bugs here and there, we're working to solve them fast and before you even see it, but if you do, just drop us a message!

Thanks for watching and may Kismet bless you.

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